Alongside her artistic pursuits, Laura has focused intensely on the psycho-spiritual component of the human existence through her study and practice of Zen Buddhism - in addition to Western occult philosophy and healing modalities - for nearly 20 years.

Bolstering her spiritual healing practice, she has also studied psychology and obtained a masters degree in clinical social work - allowing her to provide in-depth counseling sessions as part of a comprehensive healing package. 

Through this unique blend of Eastern and Western influences, Laura offers clients a vast array of tools to assist in rapid healing, personal growth and self-empowerment on spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels. 

2-hour comprehensive session ($200 suggested donation)

1-hour private meditation instruction session ($100 suggested donation)



"Laura is a supreme force. Merely being in her presence invokes a power within that you didn’t realize you had. To me, that’s what a true healers gift is. Not to sit by your side and comfort in what ails, providing remedy or even relief, but to act as a gatekeeper between you and your highest self so you may rise up and become your true biggest hero. When Laura holds space for her clients, the mutual space between you, her and the divine transforms into a sacred one in which miracles happen, renewal occurs and life is born. The best part is the healing session is just the beginning! Her offerings resonate with you long after you leave her session. The expansive work of her light guides you as you forge a path of your highest potential. There is no greater gift than a person who possesses the bandwidth to help people unlock their hidden treasures, leading them to a life of authenticity, abundance and love for all."

- Mariami B., Recording Artist  


"Laura is one of the most intuitive people I have encountered – she understands the human spirit and importance of connection. I recently went to Laura for a Sacred Geometry crystal healing session and felt a transformation of spirit. After my session, the light itself looked clearer, I felt calm and in tune with myself, and more closely aligned with my greater truth – I now possess an amplified sense of clarity and purpose."

- Jen S.